FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

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Questions are:
  1. Who must file?
  2. What is the filing deadline?
  3. What do I do to obtain an extension?
  4. Can someone help me prepare my Sebring Tax return?
  5. What is earned income?
  6. What income is not taxable?
  7. Is local withholding tax based on work location or residency?
  8. How do I know my employer is withholding the correct amount of local tax?
  9. What is my employer is not required to withhold local tax for me?
  10. What if I overpay my estimated payments?
  11. How often are refunds processed?
  12. Do I receive credit for any other local tax withheld?
  13. How do I tell the difference between local tax and school tax withheld from my wages?
  14. Where do I file my school tax?
  15. What attachments are needed with the return?
  16. What if I can’t locate my supporting documents?
  17. I’m self employed but my business did not show a profit. Do I still need to file a return?
  18. If my spouse and I file separately at the federal / state level, should we file separately on the municipal level?
  19. I owe local tax but I am unable to pay the full liability when my return is due. Should I still file my return?
  20. Why was my return mailed back to me?
  21. What are the top 10 mistakes made when filing local returns?
  22. What do I do to amend a return?

If you have a question that was not addressed, please contact the Sebring Income Tax Office @ #330-938-2441.