Water Service Line Surveys

July 22, 2021 UPDATE: Representatives from RCAP are beginning their door-to-door inspection of water lines today. They will need to conduct visual inspections of where the water line comes into the home. This means that an employee of RCAP or the Village will need access to the homeowner’s water line, which is most commonly found in the basement. This representative is trying to determine what material the water service line is.


If the Village gets the grant, water lines that are lead or galvanized would be replaced for free if the homeowner agrees. The Village is also conducting surveys on some lines at the street to determine if part of the line is lead. These surveys are being done on roads that have a main water line that is cast iron. Normally, these are older and more likely to have the older lead services. 

The Village of Sebring has applied for $1 million in grant funding to replace lead service lines. Due to this process, members of the Village of Sebring Service Department and representatives from the Rural Community Assistant Program (RCAP) will be conducting surveys of individual homes water service lines. This will be commencing after the Fourth of July holiday and during the month of July. Please contact Village Manager Jack Haney with questions at (330)938-9340, option 4.