Fish Creek-Mahoning River Watershed Plan

Stakeholder Input Needed for the Fish Creek-Mahoning River Watershed Plan

A Nonpoint Source Implementation Strategy (NPS-IS) Plan is being developed for Fish Creek-Mahoning River watershed.  Input from watershed community officials, local businesses, academia, non-profit groups, and the public is a vital component to the project. Kimley-Horn developed an interactive StoryMap with a public survey to enable stakeholders an opportunity to provide such valuable input. Watershed stakeholders should use the following link,

Information gathered from the survey helps identify the Critical Areas within the HUC-12 and ensures Eastgate captures local stakeholders’ concerns.

The Fish Creek-Mahoning River watershed is a subwatershed of the Mahoning River and spans several counties: Columbiana, Mahoning, and Stark. It is a drinking water resource for the Village of Beloit, Sebring, and city of Alliance. The Ohio EPA declared many of the watershed’s surface waters impaired due to: 

  • Alteration in streamside /littoral cover
  • Habitat Alterations
  • Nutrients
  • Flow Alterations
  • Sedimentation/siltation
  • E. coli
  • Algae
  • PCBs

Sources of the impairment include:

  • Urban Runoff/Storm Sewers (NPS)
  • Flow R egulation/Modification
  • Channelization from Development
  • Land Development/Suburbanization
  • Municipal Point Source Discharges

A NPS-IS plan is a living document characterizing the watershed, summarizing water quality impairments, and identifying water quality improvement projects eligible for State and Federal funding/grants. Eastgate is creating this plan to enhance drinking water protection and improve the health of the Fish Creek-Mahoning River watershed and its tributaries to meet the state’s standards for fishable, swimmable, and drinkable waters.  

For additional information about the watershed or development of this plan, please contact Eastgate’s Environmental Program Manager, Stephanie Dyer, at or (234) 254-1520.