Income Tax Return

Effective for taxes filed in 2017 [tax year 2016] – Chapter 172, Section 5 (F) (2) states:

The Tax Administrator shall require a taxpayer who is an individual to include, with each annual return; and amended return, copies of the following documents: all of the taxpayer's Internal Revenue Service form W-2, "Wage and Tax Statements", including all information reported on the taxpayers federal W-2, as well as taxable wages reported or withheld for any municipal corporation; the taxpayer's Internal Revenue Service form 1040; and with respect to an amended tax return, any other documentation necessary to support the adjustments made in the amended return. An individual taxpayer who files the annual return required by this section electronically is not required to provide paper copies of any of the foregoing to the Tax Administrator unless the Tax Administrator requests such copies after the return has been filed.

(Note: Electronic filing is not currently available for individuals. Businesses registered with the Ohio Business Gateway my file electronically through their website)

For detailed information – refer to:

  • Tax year - 2016 and current - Codified Ordinance #32-2015, Chapter 172
  • Tax year - 2015 – 2007 - Codified Ordinance #42-06, Chapter 171


  • Page 1 of the Sebring Tax Return is a basic form used for all taxpayers (Individuals and Business)
  • Page 2 of the Sebring Tax Return can be used if filing Schedule C, E, H, X, Y or Z (all federal copies of the schedule must be attached)

Tax Year 2016 (to be filed by April 18th, 2017)
Tax Year 2015 (to be filed by April 18th, 2016)
Tax Year 2014 – 2007

Individual Declaration of Exemption

May be filed by an individual that has no taxable income for any of the following:

  1. No taxable income
  2. Retired
  3. Member of the Armed Forces
  4. Under 18 for the entire year
  5. Did not reside in Sebring for the entire year
  6. Filing jointly
  7. Report taxpayer as Deceased

Please Note: Sebring School District Tax is NOT accepted by the Sebring Income Tax Office. Contact a tax preparer or visit the Ohio Department of Taxation website for more information. More information is available in the FAQ area of this webpage.